Youth Development 2017.


Skills are very essential in the current global job market. These skills can be termed as Soft &Technical skills, which are given utmost importance. At college level education, it will be a productive venture to incorporate these skills during each Academic Year. This will certainly help students to develop their skills and it will make them execute the assigned works efficiently in any organisation after the selection process.

Real Fact:

  • NAASCOM has come out with a study which states that some of the world’s most admired and respected companies across industry verticals are in need of the industry ready candidates.
  • We have to exploit this opportunity to get placed our students in anyone of these companies by equipping the students to meet the expectation of the industry.
  • We have to bring in necessary changes in the curriculum and teaching methodology.
  • The industries are looking for the young and talented professional to strengthen their presence in the highly competitive corporate world.
  • Apart from imparting technological knowledge input the Engineering/Under Graduates colleges, will have to focus on nurturing the employability skills so that they can empower the talent pools.
  • The real challenge before the teaching community is positioning ourselves as a neutral ambassadors in providing necessary inputs on the employability of the students through scientifically designed curriculum and assessments to meet the demands multinational companies in today’ scenario.
  • The syllabus has to be designed to enhance the employability skills of individual candidates and help them to get placed.

Employable personal qualities required by employers

 No. Personal skills Attitudes Traits
1 Communication skills Responsibility Initiative
 2 Personal presentation skills Optimism Sensitivity
 3 IT and computer skills Curiosity Flexibility
 4 Problem-solving skills Ambition Individuality
 5 Leadership skills Desire for challenge Sincerity
6 Visioning skills Cooperation Creativity
7 Goal-setting skills Vitality A balanced personality
8 Self-assessment skills An entrepreneurial mind